New Year, New Me?

I'm going to start writing more here. I say that often and fail to deliver. We'll see. This year is different. Right, sure. uh-huh. Anyway, main goal for 2022 is »

Testing 1...2...3

Does this thing still work? »

How I Paid Off $10K of Debt in Six Months

TLDR - Worked my ass off, made sacrifices and lived in a van. It started a decade ago and slowly built up. The biggest debt owed was to my parents. »

Interesting Times

A lot has happened over the last month. I've used this time to make the tweaks noted on my week long test run. The van is in v2 with the »

First Run

I'm parked out at a campground. This is day two. My first trip in the new build. Really testing it out, making notes on what to tweak when I get »