Nothing New. Reading This Will Teach You Nothing You Don't Already Know.

This is a modified version of a quick little e-book I made back in 2015. Thank you for reading this post. Before we dive into it and learn nothing, I »


I have a goal for the year. $1500 a month from my own products and services. I'm focusing one quarter at a time on the projects and things I work »

Kickstarter, Pushing Ideas Forward

I'm about to start another Kickstarter campaign. A way to get a product idea out there more. See if there is any interest. It's a wallet that I made for »

Updated Theme.

It's good enough, right? Still navigating the ghost platform... The hamburger didn't change when I made it sea foam greenish instead of orange/red. I'll have to hunt it down. »


This year is going to kick ass! That is all. »