David Getchel

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A Step Everyday

For any project you work on, it can be overwhelming when you see it as a whole. For example, setting up a water treatment system or building a shed. To »

Burning Man

Participated in Burning Man. Twice now. Went solo. No camp or friends to use as an anchor. Amazing experiences. I didn't hole up at my camp for the »

A is for Apply Yourself

It's way too easy to get distracted. Shiny lights are everywhere. In our pocket. On the screen we sit in front of all day. The even bigger screen »

Self-Imposed Deadlines

A deadline set by a boss or teacher is much easier to make, than one you set for yourself. An outside push with consequences if it's not met. »

Blender & 3D Printing

A powerful combo that opens you up to a whole new world. I'm talking about the open-source program you can find at blender.org, not a Vitamix. With »