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Interesting Times

A lot has happened over the last month. I've used this time to make the tweaks noted on my week long test run. The van is in v2 with the »

First Run

I'm parked out at a campground. This is day two. My first trip in the new build. Really testing it out, making notes on what to tweak when I get »

It Starts This Weekend

Last day of work is tomorrow. The next few days involve emptying the van. Cleaning. Adding dc-dc converter. Building out V2 and get it ready for the road. Ready to »

Why Am I Scared?

So I go try out my mobile maker space. I create a lot of things and content to show them off. And I'm not getting anywhere... So what? I come »


I've had this idea for awhile; building a mobile maker space for myself. Setting up my laser cutter and 3d printer and working on shit out on BLM land. Having »