It's way too easy to get distracted. Shiny lights are everywhere.

In our pocket. On the screen we sit in front of all day. The even bigger screen nearby.

The common theme is the screen. It gives us access to everything. Useful, informational, mind melting things.

It can suck us into time warps where hours go by and you don't even realize it.

The dreams we have of success can't happen if we don't apply ourselves. We allow distractions to easily grasp us. Those damn screens!

Success as a content creator, product designer, artist and everything else we want to be can't work if we don't put in the work.

We'd rather watch someone make instead of make something ourselves. Maybe get lost in some new show or gripping news.

Apply yourself to make something. Focus on one thing. Chip away at it. Turn off distractions.

Reward yourself with those distractions, after you've put in the work for the day.