This is a modified version of a quick little e-book I made back in 2015.

Thank you for reading this post. Before we dive into it and learn nothing, I want to share how this was created.

The original version was made entirely on my smartphone. Yup, from the cover, writing, exporting and finally uploading to gumroad, this book was created on my phone.

Actually I lied. I did print this out to edit with a red pen. Besides that, everything else was created through my phone. Oh, and I did this all in a week.

Why would I do that? Well, I wanted to see if it could be done. And the answer's yes it can.

It's not efficient at all, but I wanted to create this as an experiment. I hike for months at a time and only have my phone, with no access to my computer or really any computer for that matter and I'd like to be able to create things while traveling light, when bringing a laptop isn't practical.

That's the reasoning behind why I'm creating this way.

I'm using a couple of different apps to pull it all together.

∙ Phonto - for the cover

∙ WPS Office - writing and PDF export

∙ Skyro - audio recording

That's it. 3 apps used to create what you have before you.

The only thing I wish I had was a keyboard because typing only on the screen is rough. Especially formatting.

It was all part of the experiment though. I'm glad to have tested what I can or can't do from just my phone. When I travel with a little more gear, a bluetooth keyboard will definitely be in the bag.

OK, now that I have that out if the way. Let's get started...Get ready for nothing!

Welcome to Nothing New - A book that's going to teach you nothing that you don't already know.

First this book is tongue in cheek, sarcastic, satire, etc.

Please don't let it hurt your feelings!

I wrote this book more for myself, but I think you might get something out of it.

I'm so sick of my in-action. I know a lot, but don't do enough with the information I've gathered over the years. I already know enough to kick ass and take names. So why don't I?

As the title states, this isn't a how-to about weight, money or adventure. It is about what you and I already know about ourselves and what we need to do.

6 short chapters that will help shed some light about what we should do.

We already know what we need to do, to have almost whatever we want.





Futures Past



You're fat. You know it, I know it, everyone does. Don't feel bad, while I'm not fat, I want a six-pack. We're in the same boat of sorts. If you're not fat, you're out of shape. Or there is something you don't like about your overall health.

We're not happy with the way we look. You're fat and I don't have six-pack abs. We can make all the excuses we want, read everything under the sun and guess what, yup, we're still not where we want to be.

But you already knew that. I've read a bunch on obtaining abs already, you've read a lot too. Reading more isn't going to help. I know that though and you should know that reading more about losing fat, trying fad diets or swallowing some magic new pill isn't going to help either. We know all this, yet we still look for the secret sauce.

Sorry, not sorry. I'm in the same boat as you. We both know what needs to be done so why the hell are we not doing it?

Obviously we don't want it bad enough. You don't want to be healthier and less fat. I don't want abs and the ladies that like that sort of thing.

I'd rather keep the mini-keg stomach, is basically what I'm saying. You'd rather keep the weight on.

I should be more ashamed of myself. I would say you should be too, but that's harsh. So I won't.

We need to suck it up, stop re-reading what we already know, trying to find that magic solution and actually take action. That's right. I said it. The A word. Action, that dirty word people don't like to say.

What are the two steps you need to do to lose weight? Tell me, please. I know you know them. OK, if you're drawing a blank I'll help you out.

1. Diet

2. Exercise

That's it, but you already knew that. Eat Whole Food Plant Based (diet) and move around (exercise) and you'll lose weight.

I guarantee it!*
*this isn't medial advise, consult a professional. Dur.

I know how to get those elusive six-pack abs too.

1. Diet

2. Exercise

So if you and I both know what two steps we need to do, why aren't we doing them? Beats the hell outta me! Seriously.

You need to eat healthier food, stop going out for fast food and do more than get up to walk to the fridge.

I need to eat the right foods too and do the right exercises. Basically no brainer things for the both of us.

It's no more simpler than that. It's funny how we choose not to do things. I'd rather eat something that I shouldn't really eat instead of making progress on the abs. Sickening!

Simple are the steps, but execution is a little more difficult. I'll admit it. It's as simple as choosing salad or fried chicken. The right choice is the salad of course, but we don't pick that because salad is lame! Fried chicken is great and that's what we go with even though we know it's the wrong choice.

We're taking action by choosing, but made the wrong choice. Knowingly!

You can decide to watch the next episode instead of taking a walk around the block. You can choose a triple cheese burger instead of a veggie burger.

We're both lazy, we'd rather continue down the path we're on instead of picking a better one. Our minds aren't in it, nor our hearts. We don't take proper action.

When I try to eat better and slip up, instead of getting back on track, I often continue that poor behavior, getting further away from that six-pack. Eating less of the good foods and right exercises.

I'm sure you're the same way. We feel bad because we messed up, but don't try and correct ourselves quick enough. But you already knew that.

OK this wraps up the health chapter.

Remember, two simple steps we need to focus on to lose weight or get a little muscle definition.

1. Diet

2. Exercise

Start small, change one poor habit at a time. I'll do that too. Maybe. But we already knew that.


If we have relationships that are toxic or otherwise poor choices in human beings, we know what to do.

We can ditch em' and never interact with them again.


We can slowly mend the pieces that need work.

You already know that you need to pick up the phone and talk to them, sort things out.

But you don't. I don't. We'd rather stew in our frustration over whatever happened between us.

These almost invisible cracks and brokenness are vampires slowing sucking the life out of us. Sometimes we don't even realize it.

I had a business relationship that went awry. Even though it was done and over with, I let it eat away at me for years. For no good reason too. I knew deep down it didn't matter anymore, but I still let it get to me.

I know it had negative effects on me. That nagging feeling in the back of my mind I couldn't let go.

Once I did, that relationship was mended. We're not best friends, but whenever I see that person, my blood doesn't boil.

Good business relationships are important. But you already know that if you've worked with others.

As a side note on business, Justin Jackson of the Build & Launch podcast inspired me to make this book. And in a way, I'm thinking of him as I write this.

Sounds weird I know, but for whatever reason, he pre-ordered this book. Actually he was the only one.

I'm not sure why. I'm not known in the online world, though I'm trying to be and besides tweeting at him a few times and sending him an unrelated email once, we don't interact.

I'm grateful and curious behind his reasoning. So, hi Justin!

Anyway, back to relationships.

You know it's good to have trusting business partners and any problems you have need to be addressed ASAP! You're success and sanity depends on it.

But you already know that.

How about romantic relationships?

That cute guy or girl you want to talk to. All you have to do is go up and say hi, introducing yourself. Don't just stare at them across the room. Everyone knows that's creepy. But you already knew that.

You know that's what you need to do, get up, walk over and start talking, but we don't do that. Why? Because being rejected hurts. It makes us feel like losers. But we already know that.

If you think about it, it's dumb. We'd rather sit and not approach someone because they might shoot us down. But if we try and fail, we can move on, trying again.

I do this all the time. Actually 99.9% off the time. I'm too chicken. Make up too many excuses or scenarios where it's the end of the world if I approach.

I'll be off hiking for the next 4 months, so I just shouldn't even ask. That's one of the dumbest excuses I've ever heard and I told that to myself! What's wrong with me?!

Again, it's not the end of the world. Really, nothing remotely close to being bad will happen. They'll say no and thats pretty much it. Suck it up and move on.

But that's nothing new to you. You know rationally that it's fine, but we still don't get out there and try it.


That's why we don't need to read any more books. We can read all we want, but until action is taken, we're going nowhere.

Those non romantic relationships can really tare us apart too. Make amends. Fix it, say you're sorry, say you forgive them. If it's the other way around, make the first move.

If it's not like that, break ties altogether. If the relationship isn't working, move on. It will be better for all.

But you know that, don't you? Yeah...

Sometimes we don't realize how much these relationships are energy vampires, sucking the life out of us. It's more than just energy, clouding our thoughts and mucking up our daily lives.

Relationships are tough, delicate and important. So do what you already know is in your heart to make it right.

Oh, and go ask them out, do it rather than not. Or don't. But you and I don't really have valid excuses or anything to lose to just try.


I know everything I need to have success in business, raking in that dough. So do you. Yay!

I know I need to create amazing content, use email marketing, validate products and market it properly. I've read countless things on all of these topics and more.

Of the articles and blog posts I've read, some people even have step by step breakdowns of exactly what to do, beginning to end.

If I follow all this advice, to the letter, how can I fail?

I don't need to read any more business books and blogs. I could cut off all business related reading and follow what I've already learned and be successful.

So why don't I? I don't follow step by step instructions. I don't find out what people really want and just make what I think people need or I want myself.

Like this book. Part of it was an experiment to see about creating a product right from my phone. The other part was to tell myself how I know everything I need to know to be successful and that I need to just take action.

I'm not taking enough action or the right action. I'm not following what others successfully did. But I already know that.

On one hand that's bad, because these people who I read had success, so I should copy them. The other hand I should also try a few things, experiments, which I do, but I should do the tried and true stuff first.

Guess what? I already know that. And I don't do much about it. I half-heartedly do things that others successfully did and have talked about in great detail.

What have you not done but know you should do and how to do it? Why haven't you? Why haven't I?

If we actually did the right things that smarter people have shared, success would eventually follow. How crazy is that?!

I'm telling ya, we have the business chops. Well, we know a lot at least. The chops come when we kick ass and take names, in a business sense if course.

But we don't. We don't do the things to get our business running smoothly and successfully.

We spend time watching cat videos, reading blogs and doing anything but the work. The things we know we should be doing. The simple steps we could take everyday don't happen, or if they do, happen sporadically.

We need to focus. We need to crush it. We need to stop procrastinating and get to work. The right work! Action! Ah, there's that A word again.

Oh, one more thing. We need to focus. One thing at a time, fully engaged in the project and not scattering our time and focus across a dozen things. But you already know that.


Ah, adventure! I could talk about this topic forever. Seriously! I could bore or enthrall you with so many stories and experiences of my travels.

I'm pretty good when it comes to having adventures. I know what steps I need to do to make it happen.

I've had enough adventure under my belt to not sit idly by and never do anything. I take action!

What about you? I know you know what you're supposed to know to go on adventure. What's holding you back is your own inaction! Sorry to break it to you.

If I asked you to think of one adventure you want to do, but haven't, one quickly pops into your mind. Right? Of course one did.

So why haven't you made progress toward It? I know you know how to make it happen. What needs to be done to get it done? Take a sec to think.

Don't lie to me! You know how to do it. Maybe not every single detail, but that doesn't matter. You know enough to get started. Do that. Act.

Unless of course you don't like adventure. If that's the case, ignore that rant.

Futures Past

What does the future hold? Who knows, I sure don't. I do know that I need to focus on now. Not the past, not the future. Today, tomorrow, next week. That sort of thing.

5 year plan?

No idea, because I know I don't know what business and adventure I'll be focusing on. I don't want to lock myself into things. I want freedom.

You want freedom too, you already know that. We all have varying degrees of freedom that we want and we know what it looks like. So make that happen.

Let go of past missteps. I know you have some, I do too, but just forget them, don't let the past drag you down.

It can't be changed. But you know that already.

Unless you have a time machine. Though I think those will just cause more problems if you go back and start trying to fix things. I'm no time machine expert though. But you already knew that too.

I've done plenty of stupid things. I learn from them and move on. Doesn't make sense to dwell on them.

Take action for today and tomorrow. Maybe stash a little cash for the future. But you know that.


What this entire book boils down to is action. Also inaction. You're doing one or the other. Obviously taking action is better. And guess what? You already know that.

Taking repeated, regular, proper action will help us get where we want to be.

It's simple. Yet we don't do anything, or half-ass it instead of whole assing it.

We need to stop being lazy jerk faces, blaming everyone and everything else for our problems instead of accepting that we do this nonsense to ourselves.

But you already know that.

You know deep down that you're the problem for still being fat. Nobody else is keeping me from my six-pack abs either. We're our own worst enemies.

We need to work on ourselves and become better versions. I can do it, you can do it and we can get what we want by sucking it up, stop being babies and take the right actions.

That business isn't going to run properly itself. At least not in the beginning. Put in the work, reap the rewards later.

I've learned a lot in the last 6 or 7 years. I've changed a lot in that time and I know you have too. But is it the changes we wanted?

Did we change into what we wanted or not? Did we use what we learned to take the right action?

For me over these past few years, I've been taking action. Not always and not in getting a six-pack, but taking action to change my life.

Almost all aspects too. I focus more on myself and what makes me happy. I work on my own projects, business and know I know enough to stop reading, do more experimenting and start taking more action.

We should already be doing the right things because we know what they are. We don't have to read more about whatever it is we're wanting to do. We need to just do it.

Yup, stole that from Nike. You already knew that, but it's one of the best mantras in life.

Just Do it. Take Action. TAKE ACTION.


Basically just start acting on the information you already have inside that head of yours. Seriously.

This book is done, stop reading. Start doing.